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Mixed Adult Events

27th September 2020

VeloPark Duathlon hosted by London Wheelchair Triathlon Club 

Registration opens 09:45am

Start 10:30am


Women's Events

Sorry, no events currently planned for 2020

Children's Events
(8years to 16years)

3rd May 2020:

Longest day duathlon hosted London Fields TC

JUNIOR & YOUTHS: Open 08:45am. 
TRISTAR 3: Open 09:15am

TRISTAR 2: Open 10:15am
TRISTAR 1: Open 11:00am 
TRISTART: Open11:00am

JUNIOR and YOUTHS: 09:15am (Race together in same wave)

TRISTAR 3: 10:15am

TRISTAR 2: 11:00am 
TRISTAR 1: 11:40am
TRISTARTS: 12:30pm


The London Region has a vibrant, active community of young Triathletes. There are many events for each age-group and several clubs in London have blossoming Junior Sections.

For more information check the link HERE

12/02/2017 ELT Childrens Duathlon

TriStarts, TriStar1, TriStar2, TriStar3/Youth

11/12/2016 Hoddesdon Christmas Cracker

TriStarts, TriStar1, TriStar2, TriStar3/Youth

09/10/2016 London vs South East duathlon

Youth, TriStar 3, TriStar 2, TriStar 1

01/05/2016 London Fields TC Duathlon

13/12/2015 Christmas Cracker Duathlon

11/10/2015 Windrush TC Duathlon 

12/04/2015 TriStar and Youth Duathlon

01/03/2015 Childrens Spring Duathlon

01/02/2015 White Rabbits Duathlon

14/12/2014 Christmas Cracker Duathlon

12/10/2014 Summer Series #3

17/08/2014 Summer Series #2

01/06/2014 Summer Series #1



The duathlon (run-bike-run) events take place on the magnificent closed road circuit at the VeloPark surrounding the 2012 Olympic Velodrome. The events are chip timed with medals for all finishers and podium medals. The events are suitable to all ability levels and is an ideal venue for your first duathlon.
There are changing and showering facilities as well a cafe on site. BIKE HIRE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE FROM THE VELOPARK. 


Adults Events

The events are usually over; 

3.2km (2 laps) Run-16km (10 laps) Cycle-1.6km (1 lap) Run.


£15.00 for Triathlon England members 

£20.00 for non-Triathlon England members

Childrens Events

The events are over various distances based on the age of the participant. Note your age is taken from 31st December 2017

TriStar  (8 years) 0.4km Run-0.8km Cycle-0.2km Run

TriStar 1 (9-10 years) 0.6km Run-3.2km Cycle-0.6km Run

TriStar 2 (11-12 years) 1.2km Run-4.8km Cycle-0.6km Run

TriStar 3 (13-14 years) 1.6km Run-8.0km Cycle-0.6km Run

Youth (15-16 years) 1.6km Run-8.0km Cycle-0.6km Run


£12 for Triathlon England members 

£13 for non-Triathlon England members 


Mixed Adult Events
Women's Events
RELAY Adult Events

03/11/2019 Greenwich Tritons RELAY

OVERALL (Splits on tab)

14/10/2018 Greenwich Tritons RELAY

OVERALL (splits on tab)

15/10/2017 Greenwich Tritons RELAY

OVERALL (splits on tab)

16/10/2016 Greenwich Tritons RELAY

                   RELAY OVERALL / SPLITS

Children's Events
(8years to 16years)


London Fields TC Longest Day

Youths & TriStar 3 TriStar-2 TriStar-1 TriStart


Hoddesdon TC Christmas Cracker 

Youths and Tristar-3, TriStar-2, TriStar-1, TriStarts


London Fields TC Longest Day

TriStart, TriStar-1, TriStar-2, TriStar-3

Youth and Juniors


London Fields TC Christmas Cracker

TriStart, TriStar-1, TriStar-2, TriStar-3/Youth

12/03/2017 London Fields TC Childrens Duathlon RESULTS ALL AGE GROUPS

12/02/2017 ELT Childrens Duathlon

TriStarts, TriStar1, TriStar2, TriStar3 / Youth





For inquiries about the duathlons






For any inquiries, questions or comments please call: Jon Train on 07739 526 558 or fill out the following form

Lee Valley VeloPark

Abercrombie Road
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

E20 3AB




VeloPark duathlons are run as a partnership between Triathlon England and affiliated triathlon clubs. 

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